Classic Case

50D Gold Rotary

1. Suitable for all kinds of inner ring and outer ring marking;
2. Can also be used for flange, dial, holding the cup and all kinds of round objects;(diameter of less than 50)
3. Designed for laser industry, can be directly installed to the laser marking machine worktable;
4. Apply to small, beautiful appearance, never rust;

E69 Rotary

1. It is mainly used for bracelet, ring light of short of products;
2. Advantages: strong, hole, not tremble;Rotating disc elastic clamping, fast loading and unloading efficiency

Chuck Rotary

Mainly used in flange, dial, cups, and all kinds of round objects of clamping choose chuck according to work piece diameter

Clamping Device

Is mainly used in brass sheet cutting, such as prevent when the cutting plate deformation caused by heat.

Pen Device

Mainly used in pencil or a small cylinder rotate Angle when only need single sided engraving engraving.

Conveyor Belt

Mainly cooperate with equipment to realize the flight on and off a dozen functions.

Lamp Device

Mainly realize the automation of bulb or cylinder processing.

Clamping Auto Feeding Device

Mainly tou implement the automation of sheet metal cutting, etc.

Cross Slide

Mainly to achieve the function of marking machine large-format marking.

Pen Conveyor Belt

In order to fixed pencil or a small cylinder, etc.

Post time: Sep-07-2019